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About The Edible Peace Patch Project

The Edible Peace Patch Project’s mission is to cultivate healthy minds and bodies through hands-on educational gardens producing successful individuals and thriving communities.

Our educational gardens are located primarily in Title 1 elementary schools in Pinellas County. Title 1 schools have a high percentage of children from low-income families and are often located in food deserts. Our goal is to have educational gardens in all of the Title I elementary schools and their surrounding communities in the Tampa Bay area. These educational gardens are built through community partnerships and with local resources.

The Edible Peace Patch Project envisions a world in which all children live in a supportive environment, have every opportunity open to them, and have the skills and confidence to achieve a healthy, happy and productive life.

Staff are well trained and professional, engaging the students though hands-on lessons, disciplined and practical results, and a lot of fun. Additionally, our curriculum meets Florida State standards and emphasizes science, wellness, and healthy eating.

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Connecting with the outdoors
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Emphasizes science, wellness and healthy eating